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About Our Video Ranking Package

Our guaranteed video ranking package is designed to rank your videos on Page 1 in the Google Video section of search results as well as on YouTube. Video ranking packages are designed to perform best for those businesses or individuals trying to rank their videos locally.

Our video package is also a quicker route to getting results than other SEO packages. Our specialty in our video ranking package is the Online Video Business Card, which helps one rank for a term directly related to one’s business. It is like your digital calling card.

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Video Ranking Package

$$199.99 One-TimePlus $99.99 (Monthly Management Fee)

  • 1 Custom Online Business Card
  • Turnaround Time is 5 Business Days

About Our SEO Packages

Our guaranteed SEO packages are designed to rank your website on the first page of Google and Bing search results, to get more eyeballs on your business for a given search term or local area. We offer two SEO packages (Silver and Gold) that will allow our team to help you increase your visitor count, covering both on-page and off-page optimization.

With ongoing SEO efforts, we ensure popular search engines recognize the content being delivered, and serve up your site to Google and Bing users who are more likely to have the intent to buy a product or service like yours. The auditing and optimization contained within these efforts will ensure you are set up for success to rank for the long-term.

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SEO Silver Package

$$349.99 One-TimePlus $249.99 (Monthly Management Fee)

  • Ranking in Medium to Large Cities
  • One Campaign
  • One URL
  • 5 Keywords
  • 50 Tier 1 High Value Links
  • 5,000 Tier 2 Low Moderated Links
  • Targeting Medium/Highly Competitive Keywords
  • Turnaround Time is 30 Business Days

SEO Gold Package


  • Ranking in Medium to Large Cities
  • Two Campaigns
  • One URL
  • 10 Keywords
  • 175 Tier 1 High Value Links
  • 10,000 Tier 2 High Moderated Links
  • Targeting Highly Competitive Keywords
  • Turnaround Time is 30 Business Days